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Updated 4-2-23

Advanced Sales Consultant

Tuition - $180

1 day course

9:00 am  - 4:30 PM


CATA Building


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TBD                         SCA 20-1





Advanced Sales Consultant Training...


This 1 day course s for all skill levels .


The objective of this 1day course is for the experienced attendee to participate in a more informal roundtable format. Facilitated in an adult learning atmosphere... where attendees will:

•Rediscover their strengths and how to maximize them

•Expose and identify areas of weakness an how to manage them

•Understand and be motivated to continually improve by effective establishment of realistic goal setting

•Benefit from video role playing and group review and specific feedback

      1.Meet & greet

      2.Needs analysis and probing skills

      3.Effective listening skills

      4.The needs-features-benefits connection

      5.Product presentations

      6.Closing skills

•Share best practices and learn from other consultants experiences

•Return to dealership energized and motivated